Freo corporate


Freo recently celebrated its tenth anniversary as an online loan provider. To mark this event, a creative, contemporary video was made revealing the company DNA of Freo and its staff.


Freo is different from other lenders. They are an enterprising, young, smart and passionate group of people. This meant we had the freedom to come up with a unique concept with an international appeal. We wanted to get to know the people behind Freo: What do they do in their spare time? What makes them who they are? Based on this information, we wrote a suitable script. Not too corporate, but including tangible, universal core values.

We filmed the main characters at work, at the gym, at home, during a night out, and at various events. The images of these inspiring people spoke for themselves, so few words were needed. What we did add was a powerful voice-over, cinematic shots and an uplifting sound track. We imagine they’ll be talking about it for a while.


The video was played at the tenth anniversary celebration and received a thundering applause. The odd tear was even shed. The video triggers a strong response, and mainly a sense of pride. Co-workers saw each other in a new light, which gave the company a huge internal boost.

The video was initially intended for the anniversary celebration and for company use only. However, Freo now also uses the video externally, for various platforms and at national and international events. The video is even competing for the 2018 Gouden Reiger corporate video of the year award.

Project overview