About us


After years of experience within the field of national media and the business market Dutch executive producers Rik Dalhuisen (1975) and Mark van Geersaem (1970) join forces in 2010 by establishing Portretnet vof. Media productions company Portretnet  has since then grown into a constant, reliable and creative partner for high-end video productions.

Our team

Video content comes in many shapes and forms. Online video, corporate film, animation, social campaigns, television and livestream. Each video requires a specific approach and execution. That’s why we always look for the best specialists on the right job, hereby drawing on a broad-range network of specialists. Next up, a number of our partners:

Rik Dalhuisen co-founder/executive producer

Rik is a passionate director and all-round executive producer. He always aims to achieve the best shot and exact content, both as a director and cameraman. He edits the footage, thereby managing to create a catchy, dynamic video and turns it into a coherent whole. Rik stands for a positive and constructive working atmosphere which leads to a better final result.

mobiel: +31 (0)6 - 102 881 09
e-mail: rik@portretnet.nl
Martin Melis animator

Martin is a versatile and experienced illustrator, animator and designer. He always manages to create a style to perfectly match the product or message. Fresh and surprising through the use of a wide range of 2D and 3D animations, illustrations and compositing tools. Martin’s images are capable of bringing the message crystal clear and visually attractive into view.

mobiel: +31 (0)6 - 557 088 30
e-mail: martin@martinmelis.nl
Florian Koch cameraman/editor

Florian is a cameraman and editor, sometimes even simultaneously within one single project. Because Florian gained experience in larger and smaller productions, commercially and in documentary work, he knows all the stages of the commissioned film. That, to the director, is what makes Florian a creative sparring partner. According to Florian technique is secondary to the story. A production may technically be perfect but what counts in the end is conveying the message to the audience.

mobiel: +31 (0)6 - 460 656 28
e-mail: info@floriankoch.nl
Arthur Theunissen componist

Arthur paints with sounds. Having gained a track record of 14 years in the field of media composing (as a music producer) and sound designing, he now works closely together with some of the country’s best musicians and best session musicians. Arthur breathes music. By touching the right cord, he takes a video production to the next level.

mobiel: +31 (0)6 - 510 571 66
e-mail: mightymusic@gmail.com
Marke de Jong program maker

To recognise oneself in a story, that’s what program maker and editor-in-chief Marke is committed to. And that story needs to fully come into its own. Marke’s passion: to work towards the correct interpretation of a just and fitting message on screen.

mobiel: +31 (0)6 - 242 168 48
e-mail: markemaakt@kpnmail.nl
Sander van Gaalen editor/colorist

Sander’s strength lies in tale telling in both word and image. He trims interviews and conversations back to the essence. This way the viewer remains fascinated. After editing Sander holds every shot to the light only to be satisfied once every detail, from colour to image is perfect.

mobiel: +31 (0)6 - 270 587 72
e-mail: sander@c2edit.nl
Janine Reichgelt copywriter

Inquisitive copywriter with a solid background in marketing communications, produces catchy and transparent texts. Clear voiceovers to boost the video. Janine is part of the Fijnland Textproductions team.

mobiel: +31 (0)6 - 484 994 83
e-mail: janine@commentaal.nl
Maarten Schellekens cameraman

Maarten is a storyteller, using images to tell his tales.

A good view on esthetics and details, but mostly with feeling for people. Because that's how you get the message across. Not only in corporate video, but also in television productions.

Being the cameraman for the famous Dutch tv presenter Joris Linssen, Maarten is able to fascinate many viewers. He's therefore nationally well known for his talent in the areas of human interest and documentary.

mobiel: 06-538 756 26
e-mail: info@maartenschellekens.nl