Bison online campaign

“Great enthusiasm radiates from this highly professional and well-organised team! Delighted with the result. Thanks ever so much Portretnet!”

Annemiek Vroon, marketing & communication


Who isn’t yet familiar with the name Bison? The brand par excellence for gluing, lubricating, soldering and sealing. But how to stick Bison’s product Grizzly Tape to users of Facebook? This challenge asked for a campaign launch in the Netherlands with short and catchy videos.


Social-marketing agency Yoursocial signed for the creative concept which we turned into a captivating and surprising visual story. We also took on the production: we organised various locations, props and models. Viewers marvel at spectacular drone images, such as ‘the cry for help’ expressed by the main character. The sharp rise of the camera adds to the dramatic impact of that moment. This particular shot has now become an important stylistic element in both videos and thus in the entire campaign. That also goes for the 3D-motion design of the bear.


Within two weeks both videos were viewed over 200.00 times on Facebook. And with 8.000 Bison followers this means that the video has widely been shared and picked up. Therefore it’s safe to say that this certainly has been a catchy, or rather, sticky campaign.

Project overview