Zeeman online campaign

"The collaboration with the guys from Portretnet has been very successful! They are constantly on top of things and thereby manage to hold on to the common approach."

Arnoud van Vliet, Manager CSR & Quality at Zeeman


'Good quality clothing and fabric shouldn't be needlessly expensive' is the vision Zeeman upholds. That is, not at the expense of the people in the countries where they are manufactured, and within acceptable environmental loading. Zeeman aims to illustrate this mental legacy with a catchy video concept.


Den Bosch based advertising agency 'Persuade' entrusted us with the task of completing the production of several short films starring this all Dutch textile firm. "Portray the creating process of the four most significant products. Show how, where and by whom these products are manufactured."

In these factories in Bangladesh (Dhaka), India (Coimbatore) en Turkey (Istanbul) we filmed the production process of the towel, infant bodysuit, T-shirt and tights. Back in the Netherlands we edited a series of four unique videos: a remarkable glimpse into the world cuisine of Zeeman.


Amongst other things Zeeman uses the videos for their annual report (in Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship -MVO) for which they won a prize. The videos are also prominently shown on the MVOpage of the website. Zeeman frequently refers to this page, also through ‘product-hero’pages and in their stores. Billboards above the shelves make customers aware of the videos. Together the four videos make up for over 24.000 hits. Beyond expectation, especially since they weren’t actively advertised in social media. For years Zeeman has considered the videos up to date and effective.

Project overview