Singapore Airlines online campaign

"The collaboration with Portretnet has been very enjoyable. By composing the aftermovie of our #CelebratesSG50 campaign Portretnet has recorded the soul of Singapore in a remarkable way."

Kian Kramer, Sales Development Executive at Singapore Airlines


2015: Singapore dates back exactly fifty years. To celebrate this the airline company treats fifty people to a package weekend stay in 'the Lion City'. A social media campaign held in fourteen European countries calls for people to come up with an original gift for Singapore. That brought about an enormous amount of reactions and entries: short films, songs, artwork, poems.. The fifty lucky winners get to travel to Singapore. Naturally, this event had to be recorded and put to good use during the #CelebratesSG50 campaign.


An extensive brainstorm session with Breda based client Yoursocial resulted in two video productions. The first one shows how the 'Singapore girl' surprises European winners with the Golden Envelope. Local crew organise the camera work while we take on the coordination and editing. Halfway through the #CelebratesSG50 campaign Yoursocial put the video on Facebook.

The second video is an aftermovie of the Singapore event. Our crew, a director and a cameraman recorded the experiences of the award winners. On returning home we edited the film. The aftermovie highlights the Facebook campaign.


The Golden Envelope video has been shown 2.2 million times on Facebook. Over 450.000 people have watched the complete video. It has accounted for 2.253 likes and 272 uploads. The aftermovie has already been shown 2.5 million times, 680.000 people have watched the video as a whole. This video accounted for 2.788 likes and 513 uploads. The result of the campaign exceeded all expectations: sympathy for Singapore as a brand has grown considerably. This has brought about a positive effect on general sales for Singapore Airlines.

Project overview