Restaurant De Leest moodvideo


Three Michelin-star restaurant De Leest located in Vaassen belongs to the top European cuisines. The Netherlands only has two three-star restaurants: De Librije and De Leest. Chief cook Jacob Jan Boerma was looking for catchy visuals to support his international cooking demos.


A moodboard with an inspiring one-line based message starring gastronomy: in this tasteful way we drew attention to the philosophy of De Leest. The dishes at De Leest are a joy to one's senses. To accentuate that we edited the footage shot in the kitchen in black and white, as opposed to the dishes which came out in colour. This very contrast makes the dish burst off the screen. An experience that fits in with the one the customer is treated to in the restaurant.


Restaurant De Leest frequently uses the moodvideo during international gastronomy demonstrations.

Project overview