Mepal commercial


How to make a bowl catch the public eye? That’s the question we shared our thoughts on together with Dutch-Danish company Mepal. You know, the one that makes school mugs and lunchboxes for children. Additionally, they create unique Cirqula bowls out of trendy plastics. And that’s a craft the world should know about too!


A short, catchy video highlights the incomparable features of the new Cirqula. We organised the actors, together with Mepal we found a wonderful filmlocation. In 1 day we shot the video with our crew: a director, cameraman, camera-assistant and make-up artist. To cover social media we created an even shorter version, within 24 seconds all unique characteristics pass by.


The Mepal Cirqula range of bowls experienced, partially due to our video, a successful introduction at the Ambiente in Frankfurt. This fair is globally known to be the largest in consumer goods. At the request of Mepal we delivered the video in 10 different languages. And thus, the bowls are now ready to conquer new markets!

Project overview