Bavaria online campaign

"The videos tell the story of Bavaria in a catchy way starring our people, our brewery and our customers, and they really show you and make you feel who we are. Right from the start Portretnet has been able to relate to Bavaria’s vision and trade and has successfully communicated this message into a storyline that immediately appealed to us. In executing their task they took account of both container and content and, with the use of our own people and clientele, struck the right chord. We proudly present the videos on our new Catering Industry website and in meetings with our business relations."

Reference Claudie Godrie, interim projectleader at Bavaria


Bavaria wishes to more strongly present itself within the catering industry. The accompanying campaign is based on three cornerstones: 'joint venture', brewing traditional style', 'independent family business'. The use of video forms an essential part of that campaign. Our mission: to develop a format that matches the campaign. And in addition: attend to the complete production process for the film based on those three pillars.


Starting point was a brainstorm session with Bavaria. The new website of Bavaria Catering Industry shows each pillar containing its own page. Our advice: to cr'eate three short videos, each for one pillar. In doing so each video provides the web visitor with tailor-made advise, on anything the visitor may want to know about 'joint venture', brewing traditional style' and 'independent family business'. Short videos get more clicks and subsequently more views. Bavaria was immediately open to this suggestion.


In all we created four videos for Bavaria Catering Industry: a compilation video for the homepage and one for each pillar. The campaign has recently been set in motion. Any first results will soon be published for further information.

Project overview