Rabobank Nederland corporate


How to push the product 'consumer credits' higher up the consultant's agenda? That's the question Rabobank Nederland found itself grappling with. The bank wished to improve this service to private parties. That called for an inspirational boost aimed at their consultants.


Inspiring people is done by connecting with them, speaking to them in their own language about what's really important to them. By doing so they will recognise themselves, and that's what makes the message really come across.
Together with Rabobank we formed an impression of the most essential core values of the product 'private loaning' for consumers. The basic values 'cooperation' and 'closeness' –converted into short and catchy texts- conjured up the foundation for the script.


Rabobank is a cooperative bank with branches across the country. We filmed at six locations (Amsterdam, Drachten, Hoogeveen, Oirschot, Sittard en Utrecht). There each one consultant presented one basic value, and together the six consultants conveyed the complete story of Rabobank.


The video distinguishes itself by its playful form, the commitment of Rabobank's own employees and recognisability. These aspects create experience and enthusiasm. Viewers are pleasantly surprised. And thus the video does what it's supposed to do: inspire.

Project overview