Ubed Animated video

" Portretnet’s strength lies in the fact that they really listen. They strive to exceed the customer’s expectations. One of Mark and Rik’s strong points is the way they work with you to achieve the very best result. I can highly recommend Portretnet."

Alon Jansen, UBED


It’s in the top three holiday irritations: Claiming sunbeds. A problem guests as well as hotel managers want to get rid of. Ubed offers the solution: a system that enables an optimal use of sunbeds. Ubed is a fair, simple, and user-friendly system: Guests can simply download a special app which shows them if a sunbed is in use, nearly available or available. The towel trick will be a thing of the past.

Ubed asked Portretnet to help come up with an animation to demonstrate the use of the app.


Animation is a highly suitable video format for explaining or illustrating something. The video allows us to demonstrate the use of the app whilst simultaneously promoting brand awareness.


The video is mostly used by the Sales team. Their job is to convince tour operators and large hotels that Ubed is the ideal solution to one of the biggest holiday irritations.


Project overview